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Calenti Homes is powered by EC3. Elevated Composite Construction Company is a construction and fabrication company providing Sustainable composite construction for both residential and commercial projects.

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the Power of
Elevated controlled composite construction (EC3)

1. Expedited Construction From production to Site

Through valued engineering of both time & construction resources, Ec3 provides rapid project delivery from the critical steps we take in our staging house to bring our paneled system out to your job site. Limiting exposure to the elements and limiting on site construction.

2. Consistent Fixed Pricing from Production to Site

With Ec3, we are able to control cost limiting the various additional cost or lost of material that you may experience from a traditional construction job site.

3. Quality is not only important, Its the Mission

Utilizing a controlled environment allows for a safer construction ecosystem bringing  accurate measurements and less errors that may occur in traditional construction creating the value of better quality, accuracy and return on ROI.

4. One source for a complete Construction solution

With EC3, all services related to your new home, commercial space or are the responsibility of one partner to see your design, layout and construction quality through.

5. A weatherproof Schedule w/ rapid envelope seal

With EC3 construction, your building envelope is immediately protected from the environment once built on site limiting the impact that rain, water and snow my have on your schedule.


Managing 75% of the Construction of your home in a controlled setting not only, creates a better more accurate residence, but our process also speeds up construction onsite which helps maintain an accurate schedule.


Using sustainable and certified products made from wood fibre material for our framing materials also boasting no harmful additives and naturally sourced is important for the environment. By focusing on what goes in your walls we can control the materials that you and your family will interact with every day!


Wood fibre provides stability,  controlled moisture content insures less expansion and contraction found in normal wood based products. This creates more accurate dimensions of material,  thus a more accurate home.


By building in a controlled environment, we are able to manage an important construction element. Cost. Controlling waste onsite and during construction. This savings is then past to the homebuyer thru accurate construction cost.

It's whats on the inside that counts!

the EC3 Difference

At Calenti Homes, we are focused on providing a new smarter way in building your dream home while using our Elevated Controlled Composite Construction (EC3) system, we are able to create a more energy efficient home that is better for the environment and your life in the home.

Not only do you get a more efficient home, but as your home is built in an controlled environment, we limit the time your home is exposed to the elements, also speeding up construction times and your overall building experience.

Always remember, It’s whats inside that counts!

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